Nothing is for sure, yet. But I saw there are no active admins on this wiki, or users, for now. But I wanted to adopt this wiki, I am unsure if I will, though. For now, I don't meet all the guidelines. To adopt this wiki, I must have edited for at least a week, I joined on the 8th, today is the 11th, that's three day ago, but after I have edited for four more days, I will think about it some more.

After a week of editing, I don't think I will try to adopt, even through I have edited on other wikis for longer, and I will meet the one guideline, I still will not have edited for too long, and I think I wait at least another week, most likely more, like a month or two, at most. But I am still thinking, remember, nothing is for sure yet. 

  I know that most people who try to adopt don't get to adopt the wiki, so I don't think I will. But I would to adopt this wiki, I am doing my be to be bold and try to adopt this wiki. Unlike many inactive wikis, I don't think it needs much clean up, I am trying to delete the links to things with no page. I have always had fun editing on wikis. And I would love to adopt. I know it will be hard, and a lot of work, but I will try, I really love editing on all wikis with topics I know about, so this would be a lot of fun, I would also love to bring back an old wiki.

I think another guideline is to have made a page, and uploaded a image, both of which I have done, I made the Elphaba Thropp page, and added a image to it. But I am still not sure I am ready.  I don't know if meet the adoption guidelines, and having an inactive wiki would be hard. But if I do meet the guidelines, I might ask  to adopt, even if I don't get to adopt this wiki, I will still be a editer to it, and do my best to be a good editer, I love broadway, almost as much  as my older sister does. I would love to adopt this wiki.

I don't think there are any active users with accounts, but many people with only IP addresses are editing, and the have been on this wiki longer then me, if anybody agrees or disagrees with me adopting this wiki, I would love to here why. Please comment why you think I should, or should not try to adopt this wiki. Thanks for the comments.

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