• Runningfireclawheart


    July 11, 2015 by Runningfireclawheart

    Nothing is for sure, yet. But I saw there are no active admins on this wiki, or users, for now. But I wanted to adopt this wiki, I am unsure if I will, though. For now, I don't meet all the guidelines. To adopt this wiki, I must have edited for at least a week, I joined on the 8th, today is the 11th, that's three day ago, but after I have edited for four more days, I will think about it some more.

    After a week of editing, I don't think I will try to adopt, even through I have edited on other wikis for longer, and I will meet the one guideline, I still will not have edited for too long, and I think I wait at least another week, most likely more, like a month or two, at most. But I am still thinking, remember, nothing is for sure yet. 

      I kno…

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